Blue Agate Beaded Bracelet

Blue Agate Beaded Bracelet

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Rich Blue Banded Agate Bracelet

Vibrant rich Mediteranian Capri blue agate bracelet.  Finely crafted from natural authentic gemstones.  Designed to show off its lavish colours and markings.

Banded agate is created naturally when Chalcedony Quartz forms in layers of a variety of colours and textures inside a host rock.  The result of this nodular formation is what looks like age rings from a tree trunk.

The bracelet is made of 8mm round but faceted blue banded agate. It measures a standard  8" (20cm) long, and I have added an extension chain so that it can be worn longer if necessary. 

The silver plated clasp and extension chain are "Nickel Free" to comply with EU regulations.

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