Copal Amber Chip Beaded Necklace

Copal Amber Chip Beaded Necklace

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3 Tone Copal Amber Chip Necklace

Mystical amber necklace, designed with luscious yellow, golden and orange amber chip beads.  All showing clarity of their historic past.  Perfect for an all year round accessory

Amber can vary in colour from golden reds, through to honey gold.  It is usually transparant but on occassions opaque, and it shows insects or pieces of pine needles, plant or tiny animal fossils in it.  True Amber was formed 60 million years ago when what is now sea was forest and the resin dripped from the trees into puddles.  The pressure from the weight of the sea compacted the particles and it floated to the surface.

Copal amber is known to be the resin from extinct pine or conifer trees which are only thousands of years old not millions. In parts of Australia and New Zealand there are amber visitor centres, where you will see the harvest that the locals have found from their ancient pine trees.

I have made this necklace 17 inches (43cm) long, and added a 2 inch extention chain so that it can be worn longer if required.  The clasp and extention chain are gold plated and "nickel free" to comply with EU directives.

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