Calsilica Jewellery

Calsilica Jewellery is much sought after. Fabulous, chic and trendy, as well as mysterious and eye-catching, with vivid and varied colours. It captures the imagination of jewellery makers alike.

Calsilica is a synthetic stone that is manufactured from a mixture of calcite, resin and artificial colouring pigments. The different coloured bands through Calsilica are powdered carbonate rock artificially colour and then stabilized with resin. The bands can come in any colour.  Despite being a synthetic stone, Calsilica has been increasing in demand for fashion jewellery.  Although many claim that Calsilica is a naturally occurring material, there is little evidence to support this claim.

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Beside the Seaside Charm Bracelet
Beside the Seaside Charm Bracelet I was inspired to make this bracelet when I first found the..
Black and White Calsilica Drop Earrings
Black and White Calsilica Earrings Stunning black and white Zebra striped oval beads. Lovingl..
Purple and Green Calsilica Drop Earrings
Calsilica Earrings - Purple and Green Flat Round Beads Distinctive eye-catching purple and gr..
Black and White Beaded Calsilica Necklace
Black and White Calsilica Necklace Stunning black and white Zebra striped oval beads. Lovingl..
Purple and Green Beaded Calsilica Necklace
Purple and Green Calsilica Necklace Distinctive eye-catching purple and green round beads. Lo..
Multicoloured Beaded Calsilica Necklace
Rainbow Calsilica Necklace Distinctive vibrant rainbow Calsilica necklace. Lovingly designed ..
Multicoloured Drop Calsilica Earrings
  Rainbow Calsilica Earrings Distinctive vibrant rainbow calsilica earrings. Lovingl..