Mixed Colours, White, Pink, Peach & Mauve Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Mixed Colours, White, Pink, Peach & Mauve Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

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Mixed Colours, White, Pink, Peach & Mauve Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Freshwater pearls are pruduced by shells that live in Freshwater lakes.  Fishermen gather together many shells and insert a molusk of grit into the edge of the shell which in turn makes the shell feel like it has been invaded. The shell then naturally goes into over processing nacre to try and kill the mollusk. and that nacre coats the grit and gradually forms layers that form into a pearl.  The colour of the pearl is established by the colour of the nacre and the colour of the nacre is the same colour as the inside of the shell that produced it. That's why white pearls grow in oyster shells and grey/black in mussel shells. But there are also many shell that are pink cream or yellow inside so hence the different natural colours of freshwater pearls. When pearls are produces that look dirty and marked that's when they are dyed to make them look nicer but more often than not that dye is not a natural colour or texture to the pearl. Some folks think a pearl must be a perfect shape but to find one in the world would be a mark in history and obviously very expensive to purchase. So don't be disturbed by a natural pearl that is slightly misshapen. Some companies make glass pearls and coat them in pearlarised paint but the paint can easily fall off the glass variety and they are not as valuable as the real natural ones are either.

I have made this bracelet with natural pinks and white freshwater pearls to a length of 7.5 inches which is the standard size for an adult. I have finished it off with a beautiful rose styled toggle clasp which will make if very easy to put on even when you are on your own.

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