Rhodonite Jewellery

Rhodonite History

This rosy pink gemstone gets its name from the Greek word "rhodos," meaning "rose colored." Rhodonite has been long valued as an ornamental stone. 80 square meters of columns are inlaid with rhodonite in the Moscow Metro and Mayakovskaya Station in Russia. After the discovery of banded rhodonite in Argentina during the 1930s, there was a boom in popularity. This particular variety of rhodonite is sometimes referred to as "Inca Rose." In 1979, rhodonite was made the state gem of Massachusetts.

Rhodonite Metaphysical Properties

Something happens when you wear rhodonite. You feel relaxed and revitalized. Rhodonite does for us what paying attention to nature always does for us: it softens our needs. It helps us put petty things behind us. It reminds us that leisure is important and that there's a bigger picture we often lose sight of. We pay attention to small things like the petals of tiny white daisies, the gossamer wings of a dragonfly, or a leaf pressed so long into a stone it has become part of it. That's the experience and wisdom of rhodonite. It's no surprise this pink hue is associated with the heart chakra, opening the wearer to unconditional love.

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Rhodonite Necklace
Classic Rhodonite Necklace The beads are 8mm in dimension and the necklace is standard length..