Sugilite Jewellery

Enchanting, opaque, lightly banded sugilite jewellery. Chic and vibrant shades of purple one of the newest rarest gemstones. Lovingly designed to an elegant style for those with a passion for purple.

Sugilite was named after Japanese scientist Dr K. Sugi who first discovered it in 1944, but not recognised as a mineral until 1976, when it was re-discovered in the Kalahari Desert, in South Africa. Its rich shades of purple instantly make it well sought after, and it is valued for this vivid purple colour. The purple colouration is caused by manganese that is rich in iron. It has also been discovered in Canada, Japan and now Italy.

Pysical Benefits:-  Believed to assist with pain relief (especially with burns), infections & viruses, functioning of the adrenal, pineal & pituitary glands. Helpful for those with dyslexia, autism & Asperger's syndrome.

Emotional Healing :-  Sugilite is a stone of the heart and resolves inner hurt, helpful for the adopted children rejected by birth parents they have tracked down.

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Classic Sugilite Necklace - 8mm
Classic Sugilite Necklace - 8mm I have made this necklace to a standard length or 17 inches u..