Jade Necklaces

Jade necklace. Precious, cool and calming. Waxy, pearly, yet soft and smooth. A symbol of purity and serenity, to radiate unconditional love.Beautiful and adored by all who wear it.

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Dark Green Jade Beaded Necklace
Dark Green Natural Jade Necklace Jade Necklace. Pure and serene, dark green natural jadeite j..
Red Pink and Green Beaded Watermelon Jade Necklace
Watermelon coloured Jade Necklace Jade Necklace. Shiny red, pink, green and white jade. Fresh..
Purple Jasper And Honey Jade Drop Beaded Necklace
Purple Jasper and Honey Jade Necklace Purple Jasper and Honey Jade necklace. Enchanting and p..