Serpentine Jewellery

Serpentine jewellery is often referred to as "new jade". It is light or dark green, sometimes with white patches and dark veining. But not to be mistaken for jadeite or nephrite jade.

Serpentine refers to a group of green minerals forming intergrown crystals that grow in masses.  There are as many as twenty serpantine in this group. It is usually green with a mottled appearance, resembling snake skin, and this is what gives it its name, refering to the Latin "serpentinus" meaning "serpent rock". The paler green serpentine is often called "Jade or New Jade" however serpentine is much softer and less dense than the real jade.

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Silver Plated and Serpentine Charm Bracelet
Serpentine Charm Bracelet Expertly carved and irresistible green serpentine flower beads..