Jade Necklaces

Jade necklace. Precious, cool and calming. Waxy, pearly, yet soft and smooth. A symbol of purity and serenity, to radiate unconditional love.Beautiful and adored by all who wear it.

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Chinese Jade Necklace - 6mm
Chinese Jade Necklace - 6mm This necklace has been made with 6mm Chinese Jade beads to a stan..
Sky Blue Jade Necklace - 6mm
Sky Blue Jade Gemstone Necklace - 6mm Faceted Beads I have made this necklace to a standard l..
Watermelon Jade Necklace - 6mm
Watermelon Jade Necklace - 6mm I have made this necklace in a classic style and 17 inches lon..