Opal Necklaces

Opal earrings with beautiful soft tones, everything a woman wants.  Whether teamed with silver it something more striking like jet, onyx or labradorite for a more dramatic look, she will love it.

There are two varieties of opal, precious and common. Precious opals have an iridescent play of colour within them, common do not. Precious opals are used in fine jewellery and are expensive, and are normally sourced from Australia like the opal triplet or fire opal. Common opals such as those that come from Mexico and Peru, are semi-opaque but are still wonderful to work with, and often have subtle variations of colours from greys through to pink or blue, creams and yellows.

Opal is a Birthstone for Libra, September 23rd to October 22nd, along with sapphire.

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