Jade Jewellery

Jade Jewellery is valued for its extreme beauty. Typical colours are green, lilac, white, pink, red, blue, orange, and yellow. Accompanied by silver and crystals for harmonious enhancement.

It is believed to posses calming properties, and have the ability to aid with mental clarity, wisdom and courage. Ancient silk traders often held jade in their hands while bartering as it was said to improve thier judgement. Today Jade continues to be the symbol of love and virtue all over the world. 

There are two types of recognised jade: jadeite and nephrite. Both are tough forms of rock that are strong enough not ti break but easily carved and polished. Jadeite is found in metamorphic rock and appears in a wide range of colours. The most highly prized is imperial jade, which due to its chromium content is a very rich emerald green. Nephrite is found in metamorphic and igneous rocks and is formed from an aggregate of amphibole crystals that form a structure stronger than steel. Its colour is varies from a much stronger dark green, due to its iron content, to a cream colour resulting from magnesium content.


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